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I’m Champaign and you’re shit.

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Sometimes I feel like Jon Lovitz in the beginning of Happiness.

I just wrote out a whole goddamn entry and it got deleted somehow. I need this week to be over. I need this semester to be over.

I ate delicious Indian food last night but it’s not making me feel delicious this morning.


We’re all on the road to death

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Sometimes I’m happy and sad at the same time. This is a strange feeling.
One of my favorite Radiolab episodes
I really love the second story.

I’m posting this episode because I’m at the point in my life where I need to start deciding what I want my life to become and this episode has had an impact on helping me decide. Like a natural human I’m terrified of dying, so I figure if I use my counseling degree and get my doctorate (like I plan on doing) I’m going to go into end of life care and crisis/grief counseling. To help grieving families and dying people gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I feel like whatever happens after we’re dead I would like to move people toward that end with care and hope. Also It might help me deal with my anxiety of death that can be crippling for me sometimes.

Here’s a gut wrenching documentary about a man’s journey toward a death of his own choosing.

To face that fear with as much poise and grace as he did is my hope and wish for everyone.

I thought these guys were just a joke…

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but that ain’t true

Words come through me like a walkie talkie

Black cop. Black cop. You don’t even get paid a whole lot.

Like the 1 eye 1 brain Cyclop, you’re equal stupid.

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Holy shit balls.

Time Cube

Wow… just wow.

In Dreams

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I dreamt that I got the best news last night (via facebook which is strange). It made me really happy until I woke up which is par for the course for most good dreams.

Probably couldn’t be a more perfect song for this occasion.

What sucks, I woke up early and couldn’t figure out if it was real so I had to check my facebook. Now I’m awake with an hour and a half left on my alarm.

Clovis Wolfe Manor

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Fuck Bill O’reilly

I trust no one with an apostrophe in their name.

Fuck Fox News.

Sing it BPB

Thanks J.C.

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I feel like I should post something. Here, enjoy.