2 posts, 1 day.

I know I just posted about 15 minutes ago but something came to my mind.

As I walk through campus everyday I can’t help but make judgements about other people. It’s human nature. Whether it’s the Juggalette headbanging her way by the GAB or the guy with dreadlocks that hangs out at the language building and always asks me for cigarettes (I think he said his name was Bob). I guess the point I’m trying to make is no matter who it is I will always judge first on looks as I’m certain you do too. We as humans are shallow creatures that take our fellow men and women at face value. I could tell you whether or not I would like to be friends with you within a matter of seconds after meeting you.

This leads to the question, what is it that people think about you? Are they as judgmental? Would they really like your personality if they got to know you past face value?

Most people would say yes to the last question and I would have to disagree. I doubt I would like 90% of the people I see on a daily basis, and that does make me a shallow motherfucker, but when you look like me you become bitter. I am a very large very hairy man (likened to a lumberjack) before college I was a theatre geek who got lumped into the “fag” crowd. I’ve been judged my entire life and I’m still judged because I choose to look like a child molester.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. Judging is wrong? Yeah, judging is wrong but good luck trying to change.

Wayne Coyne makes me want to be a kid again. I bet he doesn’t judge people, he just chills and has sex in ball pits. That’s the life Wayne, that’s the life

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