I feel it all happening again.

It’s October, probably my favorite month of the year. It feels like everyone is in a much better mood now that it’s not miserably hot in Texas. I want to toss footballs in the street while drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. I want to grill and take naps in the park. I want to shove twigs in my beard and play frisbee golf. I want to be around the people I care about more than ever right now. Life doesn’t always suck so hard, I’m learning to accept this. I feel older than I have ever felt before and this isn’t a bad thing. I feel mature, I feel like I’m cared about by the people who care about me. Usually I’m upset about the lack of “love” in my life but I feel more loved than ever by my friends. Fuck Christmas, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

There are beautiful tiger lilies in our back yard and I feel ecstatic.

Jesus Christ I sound like a homo.

So go plug in your electric blanket we can stay in ’till our southern summer wedding day

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