Grow a pair goddamnit

Seriously, how is this not a real show? I would watch it everyday.

End of the semester drinking time turned into a weird night with people jumping off things and getting arrested and such. On a brighter note I’ve gotten grades back for 3 of my classes and an A, B, C, rainbow of grades for me so far.

It truly sucks being a nice guy. I may be a sarcastic asshole but for the most part I really try and be a good person. People will take advantage. Fuck it and fuck you.

In other news, I saw this band play with Dan Deacon at the Ft. Worth modern last year and was kind of speachless. This is such a weird sound. The singer’s voice is so weird and when it came out it blew me away and mixed with such strange sounds. I didn’t realize they had a full length out until a few days ago and I really enjoy.


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