Catch up time

I have to say, I’m really enjoying my time away from school because, besides the Austin trip I have finally caught up on my media whore needs. Finally finished reading Portnoy’s Complaint and I’m maybe starting One Hundred Years Of Solitude today. I’ve finally caught up on albums that I have been meaning to give good listens to.

The new Gary Wilson is alright, but I’m kind of over the whole lo-fi pop weirdness of him and Ariel Pink. In fact I have never really been a fan of Ariel Pink. I think he’s kind of a hack who acts like a douche, dresses like a douche, and makes music for hipster douches to fawn over in their AmAppy sweat pants and mustachioed faces. Like the pot calling the kettle black right?

So besides my hatred for lo-fi pop bullshit, I have been really into Cassette Kids, the Australian pop group. It’s some fun stuffs right there. Envy is in my listening loop a lot, as is Fol Chen, Janelle Monae, Future Islands, Think About Life, La Roux, and Gil Scott-Heron. Also Destroyer’s new album is finger lickin good. Pot calls kettle something?

Finally got to watch two amazing documentaries that I have wanted to see since they were at the Angelika, Exit Through the Gift Shop and Restrepo (thank God for Netflix instant watch). Exit Through the Gift Shop is about street art, well, more like a weird French man who is in to street art. It is definitely worth the watch.

I highly recommend Restrepo. Winner of my favorite documentary of the year and maybe my favorite general film of the year. It is about a group of soldiers on the frontlines in Afghanistan. Filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington stay with these guys for the entirety of their stay at outpost Restrepo in the most contested area of Afghanistan. From the opening shot when the Humvee the guys are riding in is hit with a bomb onward you are right in the middle of a war. You really figure out that “war is hell and war is fucking boring” (to quote a comment on IMDB). It really gives you an insight into the life of a soldier that you haven’t thought of before. I highly recommend this film.

Seriously why do I write these like people read them?

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