30 things you probably didn’t know about RyRy

I’m sick. Instead of partying (which I would rather be doing) I am here writing a stupid blog post. I saw this thing on someone’s Facebook 30 things you don’t know about me. So instead of drinking (which is what I would really rather be doing) I am going to do this.

1. I like some cats but I love all dogs. I’m a huge fan of dogs.

2. Most people would consider me a hipster. I pretty much am a hipster. I’m a music snob. I like indie movies. I read music blogs. I have a beard. I wear girl jeans. If I shopped at AmAppy or ever wore flannel I would totally be a full blown hipster.

3. One of my deepest dreams in life is to be a stand-up comic. I don’t think I have ever told anyone this. I really like making people laugh and I like to perform. I think I would be good at it, but I’m to nervous to ever try.

4. I like hugging more than most straight men.

5. My goal (as cheesy as it sounds) is to bring happiness to people. If I can leave you with a smile on your face I’ve done my job.

6. I got into psychology/counseling because people who I had just met would end up gushing their problems at me. I figured I have a face people like to talk at, I’m pretty good at helping people, I should get paid for this.

7. I believe if women were less shallow and put aside the whole “looks” thing, I would be drowning in ladies. Although I don’t consider myself bad looking, just husky, like a bear or a lumberjack but cuddly like a puppy or a bunny.

8. I am a true romantic at heart.

9. I wear boxers, but today I am trying out boxer-briefs and I have to say, I like them.

10. I feel like because I trust very easily I get walked over by people.

11. I really have had the best friends I could ask for. I would do anything for any of them and I’m betting they would do the same for me.

12. I used to be afraid of growing up. Now I just don’t care.

13. I am NPR’s bitch. I have listened to NPR every day for over four years now and I have never once given them any pledge money. I feel like I owe them a lot of cash.

14. I can’t decide if my favorite movie is Cool Hand Luke, SLC Punk, Happiness, or Blue Velvet. I would have to say they are all loved equally

15. Right now I smell like a mixture of Lindsey and Tarah’s perfume. It sounds sexier than it actually was.

16. I used to care about politics but now I have become apathetic.

17. Even though I don’t really care much about politics I consider myself a hardcore liberal. Anti-death penalty, pro-choice, pro- gun control etc. I’m a bleeding heart, yellow dog, hippie goddamn liberal. I am a liberal because I care about others almost more than I care about myself. My liberalism is in stark contrast to my families raging conservatism. Always makes for fun come election time.

18. I still believe in love. People say love is dead, I feel like love has changed. I feel like that euphoric thing that every poem/song/movie/book describes as love is something but not the thing that makes for long lasting love. Love means you can talk to the other person for hours, days, months, years and still make them laugh, think and enjoy life. Love means putting forth the effort to keep things going. Love means compromise. Love means being comfortable enough to fart in front of the other person and you both kind of snicker and move on. Love is a lot of things but above all love is not dead. I believe this even though I really shouldn’t.

19. I don’t like over-produced porn. Give me one camera angle shot in a hotel room while you’re fucking the neighbor girl. If it has music I don’t like it. Fake tits, don’t like it. Anything with a camera crew, don’t like it. I’m a simple man.

20. I started smoking at 16 and I’m planning on quitting at 26. I figure ten years of smoking is enough.

21. I stopped smoking pot regularly this year. I have had a minuscule amount of hits since last New Years.

22. My favorite video game is probably Chrono Trigger for SNES. Yup I’m also a geek

23. I’m terrified of graduating college.

24. I have never lived more than an hour away from my parents.

25. A lot of people think I have just always lived off my parents like I’m some sort of fucking “trust fund kid”. I supported myself (and for a while a girlfriend) from the time I dropped out of college at 19 to the age of 22 when my parents told me if I went back to school they would help me out. I am very grateful for their help and I am humbled every time I have to ask for money. They are really some of the nicest people I have ever met.

26. I like to cuddle. Weird right?

27. Music is my life blood. I collect music like people collect baseball cards. I like hearing new sounds and showing other people new music.

28. I’m not sure where I stand on the whole God thing. I would like to believe in a god, but it is difficult.

29. I know a lot about quantum and astro physics but I suck at math.

30. One time I pulled five of my friends out of a car that crashed into a tree going 115 MPH into a tree. Ripped one of the doors open with my bare hands. Yeah I’m also kind of a badass.

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