Kiss me once in the snow…

I swear it never gets old.

First snow day of the winter for Texas. If I didn’t know it was snowing Facebook would have reminded me. Again for the third year in a row I’m all alone on the snow day. For one year I had my dog though. She got mad at me cause I threw snowballs at her. Well at least I have a bottle of good scotch to keep me company. I feel like I need a fireplace.

Day five of my diet is going well. I can’t tell a weight difference really but I do feel a lot better. I’m lucky I actually like healthy food, so many of my friends don’t. So I’m really hoping to loose about twenty pounds, but even after that I can keep this diet thing going. It’s not that hard to eat less and eat healthy. I’ve been walking to places a lot more so that is also a plus. All I’m saying is ladies be on the lookout because in a few weeks I will be on the prowl (and I’m sure you won’t be able to resist).

I have come to realize at this point in my life that I really enjoy where I am. Things could always be better, but things could always be much much worse. I have a neighbor who’s a douche. He got hit by a drunk driver while he was on a scooter (doesn’t stop him from drunk driving though) and he was in the hospital for months. Long story short (and trust me when you hear him talk about it, it is a very long story) he comes to my house wasted at one in the afternoon and proceeds to tell me that I have no idea what kind of pain he went through. I understand the pain, but being bitter about it won’t be able to help you. You’re are alive, be fucking thankful. I would be the most gracious and grateful person on the goddamn planet if I were in a wreck that could have killed me.

People don’t take the time to be thankful. I’m not talking about being thankful to a deity, I’m saying take time to tell the people that you care about that you love and care about them. It takes like three seconds and hell you might not see them ever again. If you love someone enough to tell them please do. There are circumstances in life that make it hard to say those things but just fucking say it.

That’s enough of my lovey bullshit.

I still feel like there is something I need to say but I can’t quite put it in words.

Oh yeah, I love you.

Hail Satan

also there’s this

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