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I can hear you

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For once in my life I would like to get a full nights sleep. I don’t think I’ve gotten one in years. Depending on how early I go to bed I will wake up anywhere between two and four in the morning. It sucks.

My roommate has a new boy, at least for right now I’ll find out how the first date went tomorrow. This means I will probably become lonely. Three years of consistent singlehood is beginning to piss me off.

24 is a weird age. Women are either already married since 18 or just got out of a serious long term relationship and want nothing to do with men. Oh well, I have a feeling things will get better soon. It’s almost summer right?

Hipster music, androgynous women, and child molester glasses. Not in that particular order


There’s got to be something

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As depressing and stressful as life has been lately I will always try to stay positive. I was going to write one of those sad vagueblogs I’m so very good at but I chose differently, instead choosing to keep on the sunny side if you will. There are great things happening right now. I have got to appreciate that things will never be the same as they are right now. No matter how mopey and depressed I can get sometimes, I need to remember this because things can and will all change soon. It could be better and it could be worse, either way this time in my life is something to remember. Life is full of moments. This moment is here and now and will never be again. What ever you are feeling at this moment, remember it. It may or may not matter but you only have so many moments. The people you know now you probably won’t know and almost certainly will not be as close with as you are right now at this very moment. Things change. People change. BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH

I want this song played at my funeral. It doesn’t sound like something anyone (especially my parents) would want to hear at my funeral but this song is how I want live my life. It’s full of generosity and fun and risks and things that in the moment may not seem special but will forever be your legacy. Do I want people to remember me as a sad sack of shit or would I rather them remember me as a smiling happy fun loving person who always kept your beer as full as mine? I would have to go with the latter.

Is it overkill to get two Alkaline Trio tattoos?

Thought I’d come along for the ride

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This band was big with me when I was nineteen or twenty. Remembered this album today and listened to it on the way to class. Still one of my favorite concept albums (Ziggy Stardust and anything from Coheed aside). Every other thing this band has created is complete shit, but this is a golden egg in a pile of shit. This EP is something to love, and one of the greatest thirty minute drive albums ever created.

The band is called Ludo and the EP is Broken Bride, Five songs of good.

So the concept is a man’s wife dies in a car wreck on a morning in 1989 in may. He builds a time machine to get back to her and goes from the beginning of time to the “biblical” end times. If the last song doesn’t make you tear up you are a heartless douche.


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I know I never was never as beautiful enough for you…

Kiss me like you wanted to

It was 11:11 and I made this wish this one time, I guess it didn’t really come true. I still make wishes even though I don’t believe in them

Five in the morning looks kinda cool


Your silhouettes my favorite.

The shit

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Great night with great people. Too bad I have a test tomorrow. We’ll see how this goes.

I really only wanted to post this performance on here because it’s the fucking shit.


A guy like me

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A guy like me doesn’t really like most people, so when I find someone who I really enjoy spending time with it’s rare and I should probably hold on for dear life. Is it really so bad to want to be closer to someone, to truly want to see them more often because you just enjoy their company? Is it unthinkable to like a person for who they are? That wonderful, smart, talented, funny, exceptional person (I could really go on all day). Taking the faults in stride. I love watching you laugh. I think we make a good team is all I’m saying.


Magic Christians

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I have had a great couple of days but I think too much for them to be perfect. They could easily be some of the best times I’ve had in a good long while. Really though, I have the best people in my life.

Honey I’m a prize and your a catch and we’re a perfect match.