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Do you realize

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that you have the most beautiful face?


In heaven

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It’s becoming hard to be a good person.

I’m thinking way too much about the world lately.

I have been sleeping very well thank you.

Shut up

Watch alone in the dark

Waltz around the room with a glaze in your stair

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I am a fuck up, at life, at school, in general.

Not in the best of moods today. Really just waiting for something to piss me off more and I’ve only been awake for thirty minutes.

Really though it’s probably my fault.

I need something new.

Beat happening always happening

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World’s too cold for a girl like that

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You know, if I were offered to do anything in the world I would give it all up to sit on the couch, eat gross food and watch terrible movies with you. I truly mean this.

Expendable, probably.

Smile like you’re taking a school photo.

It’s a phase, it’ll pass.


I could be doing better, I could be doing worse.

Really though, I’m a horrible person

Hey you…

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Yeah you… Shut up

I’ve had more dreams lately where I just brutally beat the shit out of people. I’m not a violent man so it can be slightly disturbing.

Things I’ve learned this so far year:

Twenty four is a weird age.

Backyard living rooms are one of the best places to have an epiphany.

Friends really are the best thing to have in life

Women are mostly shallow, or most of the ones I know are.

Hipster girls are annoying, but have the advantage of some of them being cute

Talk talk talk talk talk. We can talk all day and never come to any conclusion

Here’s to hoping for a good summer

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