Long conversations with your dick in your hand

A memoir by Ryan Foster

When you’re in the men’s restroom there is an unspoken rule that some people don’t understand; you never make conversation when both people have their penises out. It’s awkward enough to be at a urinal with other dudes with their penises in their hands please don’t make it even more awkward. I had one of those awkward conversations on my bathroom visit before my Spanish class today. I entered the restroom first proceeded to a urinal close to the wall, a few seconds another fellow enters and comes to the urinal closest to me. Another unspoken rule, if there is more than one open urinal do not pick the one right next to someone else (especially if there are four other urinals to choose from). The man then proceeds to explain to me how he just bombed a test and how drunk he got last night and that his girlfriend was angry with him. I already know more about this man in thirty seconds than I ever wanted to know (and my cock is in my hand). I wash my hands because I’m a clean person, he doesn’t because I assume he is disgusting. I go outside to smoke a cigarette and this guy follows me out and asks me to bum one. I being the nice guy I am give him one and light it. He proceeds to talk at me for the entirety of the cigarette. I loath this person when the conversation is over. Not only is he in what I can assume is the worst frat on campus but he breaks at least three man codes in the process of ten minutes. I have no explanation why anyone would want to act that way. What an asshole.

That was my rant.

Seriously into this guy right now.

I was jamming this today with the windows down. Great spring song.

Also this may be one of my favorites at this moment.

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