15 more things that you probably don’t know (or don’t care to know) about RyRy

1. I have yet to learn to ride a bike and I’m 24 years old. I catch a lot of flack for this.

2. My musical taste changes everyday but my favorite band will always be Alkaline Trio. I got the Trio heart tattooed on me at age 17 to symbolize how much this band means to me, how much they have gotten me through, and so I can remember what it was like to be young and have young people problems.

3. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression (If you couldn’t tell) and I have struggled with it for years. I always hate telling people I have these things because a lot of people don’t think they are real problems. I also feel very guilty when I am depressed because I know things could be very worse for me. It almost becomes a self fulfilling prophecy when you are diagnosed. You know you will struggle with it the rest of your life and it automatically makes you even more depressed. I have been doing fairly well as of late though without any super major depressive episodes in a while.

4. My view on women has changed for the worse in the most recent years. I won’t go into detail but I will say I don’t trust most of them as much.

5. Teachers used to tell me my smart mouth would get me in trouble. It has gotten me, promoted to managerial positions at three jobs in the past, through over 3/4ths of college, and some of the best friends I could ask for. Suck it middle school teachers.

6. I am in a book club in which I have only read one of the books.

7. I like to do different accents when I’m talking sometimes. I probably get it from my dad who does the exact same thing.

8. I used to really dislike my father through my teenage years but I have grown to love him. I, as most angsty teens eventually do, realized that my parent’s were correct on about 80 to 90% of what they told me when I was a kid. They raised me the best they could and I think they did a damn fine job.

9. If I were to die this moment I would want to have my ashes buried under a tree in my parents front yard.

10. I’m completely naked while writing this. Sexxxy

11. I have always been the fat kid. Being the fat kid in high school can go one of two ways; you end up with the burnout losers or you become the class clown. I chose the latter because I was too intelligent to be a burnout (at least until after high school)

12. I have been told I’m a very good kisser by multiple people. I wouldn’t know. I can’t kiss myself.

13. Vans makes the most comfortable shoes. It is like walking on Jesus’ cloud farts

14. For a while I had more gay friends than straight friends.

15. Crystal Frost gave me the nickname RyRy and I gave her the nickname Ladybug. We were best friends for a while and now I haven’t talked to her in years. Sad how life goes isn’t it?

Fun stuffs

My friend Alan’s band before he blew up with Neon Indian

And for shits and gigs

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