and here… we… go…

I’m almost twenty five and I have yet to do even half the things I really want to do. I find this pathetic.

I’m excited to see where this thing may go. It could be very interesting.

I really hate being a hypochondriac sometimes. Anytime I’m around someone who is sick I almost start to get sympathy sick, like I can feel the same symptoms. My mind is slightly crazy.

It’s a weird realization that you’ve seen all of your close friends cry at least once. I wonder if many other people can say that.

I would have to say Einstein would win.

Sometimes I feel like Less than Jake speaks to the loser 24 year old with bigger dreams that I am. Subtract the white guy’s dreadlocks though.

Also they put on a really good show if you can stand being around hundreds of punk kids skanking in a pit.

That shits pretty dumb

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