Rabbit hole

I have been thinking alot about what it is to be human. Are we as humans inherently good, evil or just a blank slate? I can’t say I subscribe to the blank slate idea because I must take into account the innate animal urges we have to eat, drink, sleep, and fuck. I lean more toward humans being inherently evil, or at least naive. Naive because as children we test our limits to see where the boundaries really are and this by human standards is just about as naive as you can get. But that is just it, I am judging this by human standards with concepts created by humans. I can only call someone evil by judging them with my own personal ethics and those ethics may be somewhat different compared to someone like Hitler.

Down the philosophical rabbit hole I go then

So if you took a human child and raised it in a white room with only white hands coming out of the wall to feed it, change it, wipe it’s ass etc. but only have those hands do the basest of tasks the child needs to survive. With this minimal human interaction how would this child turn out. Would it have made it’s own language? Would it know how to walk? Would it have even survived? Most science says no it wouldn’t have survived, but what if it did? We would have the basest form of homosapien. Say at the age of 18 we drug this creature and toss it in the middle of Times Square. What would he do? Would he freak out and attack people or would he just curl up into a ball and succumb to the overwhelming breadth of it all?

At least feral children have some sort of animal socialization. This creature would be useless and scared. Humans at heart are primates. Aggressive, territorial primates. This creature we have created would become scared and lash out. This is a very unethical question but one that plagues me every day. What would this child become? What would people say about the child? This would be a scientific, philosophical, and almost religious moment. To see our lesser human instincts displayed right there in Times Square would have to change a lot of minds.

I guess I’m done questioning life.

Apparently that’s Robert Plant. Cool

It’s been nice waking up next to you

Oh why the hell not.

This has to be my longest entry and I wasn’t actually planning on writing anything on here today.

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