Glad shit works out

Sometimes, only sometimes.

I have always said I’m way better at handling other peoples problems rather than my own. My rationalization doesn’t work in my own brain. Usually I can rationalize for others when they can’t do it themselves or facilitate their own problem solving abilities, but this never works for me.

I’m not depressed. Not this time. I could and should be, but I’m not. I’m not 16 anymore. I have to throw out the self pity and dance naked to Kanye West. It’s much more fun than being sad. I’m young, intelligent, funny, caring, goddamn handsome, cool, sly talker, hell I’m better than most of your friends. You probably won’t do better than me.

I’m never that cocky so give me this one. Time to show my fucking swagger.

Two big things changed how I feel about life this week. The Books and the birth of the closest thing I’ll have to a nephew. I saw the books play at the modern in Ft. Worth on Wednesday. I have liked this band since freshman year of college and they were really one of my first forays into indie music from emo/screamo bullshit. Their show was In-fucking-credible. Those are some of the most talented musicians mixed with the most talented media ever created. They take you on a trip. I suggest you show yourself if they come close to you.

The birth of Tristan David Ing was pretty cool. My best friend’s niece just had a baby and I pretty much became an uncle. It’s weird how close I am to that family. I’m closer to Sam’s extend family than I am to my own extended family and I feel more loved by them most of the time. I knew Kayla when she was like 9 or 10. Now she’s having babies. It’s weird and makes me feel old. I have to admit I shed a little tear when I saw Sam’s mom holding the baby. I love those people.

What to play today?

OHHH… fucking chill

Good ole Swedish pop.

Some of the best advice I ever got was always ask yourself “what would Chromeo do?”

Lots of goodies for you kiddies today.


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