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Stuff I liked that I forgot about

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I got really into this band in high school around the same time I got really into Portishead. Portishead won because I still listen to them I guess.

This band I saw live with Bayside and Armor for Sleep. I didn’t really want to go to the show because I hated all the bands except this one but I was the only one of my friends with a car so I had to go.

Saw this next band with Moneen and Senses Fail. Again another band I wanted to see but I hated the headliner. I had never heard of Moneen but they are really pretty terrific live. My shitty band actually was going to cover this song before they kicked me out.

This was a local Durant band with some of my good friends. The singer is seriously one of the nicest people anyone will ever meet.

Elbowed a dude hardcore dancing at this show.

I guess that’s enough


When we were young

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I used to be idealistic. I used to want to help the world somehow. Not to know that I made a difference really just because the world could use the help. Now I really am just fucking bitter. I seem to only see the bad in people now. I literally hate being around everyone I used to like. There are a select few that don’t piss me off but those are few and far between. I can barely even come up with smartassed things to say anymore. I just don’t have any effort to give a shit about anything ever.

I wish I could be idealistic again.

I don’t really understand why people take me so seriously. I tell everyone I meet that, whether you believe it or not, I’m a fucking asshole. I’m sarcastic, bitter and an all around jackass. The fact that people even like me boggles my mind some times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a good person at heart, but I don’t fuck around with things like being politically correct or general dumbassary. People shouldn’t take anything I say too seriously though. Especially if I consider you a friend. I will probably be an asshole to you on multiple occasions.

If I don’t like you, you generally know it.

I want to punch something in the face right about now.

It’s graduation day and all I’m getting is lonely drunk while my bestfriend and roommate giggles with his boyfriend (that I’m not sure I kinda like or really dislike) in the next room. This is going to be a shitty night.

I’m tired of sleeping alone

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I love watching you fail.

Probably the only thing that gives me slight joy right now.

Does that make me an asshole?


Is it just me or does Matt Skiba look a little bloated and old in this video.

One time, just one fucking time, I would love to get respect.

I’d like to say I deserve it but I probably don’t