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Unrequieted Love

Posted in Uncategorized on 08/27/2011 by biggryan04

Pretty much every interaction with every girl I’ve thought was amazing within the past 4 years, except somehow it’s never as poetic.

Yeah Louie, it sucks, it really sucks.


Who takes the blame

Posted in Uncategorized on 08/15/2011 by biggryan04

Maybe it’s the situation I’m in. Maybe it’s the town. Maybe it’s the people. Maybe it’s the booze. Maybe it’s just me.

Things are really fucked up.

I don’t think I’ve been this bitter, melancholy, angry, apathetic, embarrassed,and depressed in my entire life. I didn’t think all those emotions could come in one fat package. I wish there was a way to just leave the country. I wouldn’t mind being homeless somewhere for a while.


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I’m writing this at seven in the morning

I guess I finish school today.


Six more months

Posted in Uncategorized on 08/01/2011 by biggryan04

Six more months and I’ll hopefully be free from all the bullshit in this hell hole.

I guarantee I’m not an angry drunk around anyone but you, prick.

This needs to end soon or else I may go batshit crazy.

This isn’t over