… For real

There was a time in my life, not too long ago, where… well I’m not going to finish this sentence because apparently people take me seriously when reading this shitty little blog.

Lets just say that what I was going to say would have been mean, then nice, then confused, then very existential, then mean, then self deprecating, then mean. Like any other post I’ve ever done.

How formulaic.

How did I not know this happened?

For the first time in a long time I’m not depressed. I’m back on meds that I hate because they make me clench my jaw and when you’re trying to beat off it takes 2 hours. That’s a plus for the ladies though 😉 <—— Yes I did a winky face. These meds make me feel weird, not unlike a robot, but they keep me from being bed ridden with depression so I guess it's a plus.

There is one thing I will never figure out… Ah well you suck.

It's about that time of year

Adam Lazarra is a twat that kinda looks like Charles Manson. Probably the reason they’ve been through so many members. Who thought those high notes would actually sound good live?

Forgot about these guys

That’s enough right?

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