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So I think I’ve decided where temporary life is heading, which will eventually lead to longer term life. My plan as of this afternoon is to stick around Denton for a few years, I’ve found a grad school that will accept my shitty GPA to get my Licensed Professional Counselor masters and I’m gathering all the things I need to apply right now. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing in the grand scheme of things. Denton has gotten better recently. I’m beginning to enjoy it more. I don’t know what my living situation will be after these six months. It seems like Sam and I can’t go a month with out one of us pissing off the other. I’d rather be his friend than his roommate if we’re going to end up resenting each other. I do like the street we live on but the house is very small. More for a dating couple than two dudes. Oh well I guess we’ll figure it all out when it comes. I just need to keep repeating “this is a good decision” until I fully believe it.

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