What’s wrong with having a little fun?

I’ve resigned myself to being in Denton for the remainder of my schooling (2 years at least). I’m going to check out my first choice in grad schools today. The fact that I am going to be here means that when shit gets bad I need to look on the bright side. This becomes difficult when someone keeps saying how much Denton sucks. Really, Denton is the best place in the DFW area for a young 20 something to live. It’s totally little Austin and pretty damn fun. I’ve become a regular at places. I’m not sure if anytime before this I was a regular at a place.

I think I’ve found the right balance of stuff in my life. Except the lack of sex and a job, everything is going pretty damn well.

This guy is an amazing composer. Without him dudes like The Books wouldn’t exist

Music for 18 musicians is wonderful if you’re a stoner


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