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New music first

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Not really new music. Just music

Jesus H. Tits this chick can kill it.

Oof this is killer

Last one from her but this shit is nuts

Hey Mates of State, stop being so fucking cute. You’re making it difficult for the rest of us

Stephen Malkmus gives no shits

Stephen Malkmus = a better Julian Casablancas in 1990

Really what I’m saying is Stephen Malkmus is god


My life (an alcoholic’s cofession)

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A series of never ending explanations and excuses for things I never meant to happen.

I’m a very moody individual. This means at one moment I can be happy and the next be angry or despondent or everything at once. Most of the time I try to keep my mouth shut because opening it in the past has fucked me. I try to learn from past mistakes sometimes.

All I’m saying is this tool shall pass

Get it?

One of the best bands to grace Denton. Hot girl who speaks French & plays violin, Musically perfect, and Freddy is a nice dude. They moved to Budapest though, so good for them.

We’re all going straight to hell

She started wondering, what is the profit here.

Never underestimate how truly wonderful and amazing you really are

Not going back

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Times they are a changing.

I’m lonely, very lonely most of the time. It started out kind of nice but has become tedious. At an age where everyone is finding someone I’m just drinking more and more everyday. I actually miss the mundaneness of a relationship that is already past the honeymoon phase, those times where you get home from work, chat about your day, make dinner, and give the lady a foot massage while watching terrible television. She’ll end up passing out on the couch but you wake her up and drag her to bed and not tired sneak off to play video games or jerk off or something.

I actually fucking miss that most. It is a real comfort to have that shared intimacy without the pressure of having to even put on pants.

I really miss that.

Someday it’ll happen again right? It can’t be this boring forever can it?

Drunk update (DRUPDATE)?

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The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that some day we will all be dead.

Morbid yes. Fact also yes.

If you actually read this blog please stop. It’ll probably go down hill from here, if it hasn’t already.

I need you, I don’t need you.

Oh god if I was only a little older I would understand Right?